Leggings Over The Years

Can we give a shout out to one of most comfortable and versatile pieces of clothing? From cropped to aerobics, maternity and more leggings is a style like no other. What a great athleisure piece. Let's look at history shall we.


The history of leggings can date back to the 13th and 14th centuries by those of European and Scottish descent. Interestingly enough they were worn by men and called hose. As well, they were worn by Native Americans. At that time made of buckskin leather, the leather material made it great for protection from skin chafing when riding horses, and bites from snakes and ticks in the bushLeggings have grown and changed throughout the years.


Fast-forward in 1957 Audrey Hepburn made a strong statement in fashion and movie history sporting an all black ensemble consisting of what i would describe as leggings of that era when cast as Jo Stockton in the movie Funny Face. Such a beauty. 


 Sandy??!! Who Can Forget This Electrifying Outfit

Then there was the smash hit Grease in 1978 when Olivia Newton-John aka Sandy Olsson wore her off-the-shoulder black top, shiny leggings and red patent peep-toe heels along with her infamous bouncy curls . Boy the genuine reactions of the guys when they saw her, Electrifying!! Would you believe Newton-John had to be sewn in her leggings? How cool is that?

The Workout Phase

In the '80s, leggings became an aerobics piece. Who remembers Jane Fonda's Workout video of 1982. I know I do. Oo did I just date myself? : ) 

Diahann Carroll continued the leggings workout trend in the '90s as she posed for a pic in a chartreuse ensemble and cut-out one-piece complete with jump rope draped around her neck for added effect. Loved it!


As the popularity of leggings were worn as pants, in 2009 "jeggings" were born. The look of denim while still including the legging stretch, jeggings quickly became a closet staple even Beyonce got in on the action.  I personally own a few pairs myself.                                  

Baby Bump

In 2013 when Kim K. was pregnant with North West she sported an ankle-length leather-look pair of leggings complete with a floral feather look top.

Model Runway

In 2013, Kendall Jenner decided to wear leggings in lieu of pants, styling them with a black crop top, a neutral jacket, and pumps. Did she really break the fashion rules?                                                             

 UnequelyUs Collection

Leggings are such a versatile piece of clothing that have come a long way. Designs and styles have evolved. I personally love leggings! Will they ever go out of style? I don't think so what is your opinion?








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